Important General Policies
  • Largo at the Coronet is Ages 12+.
  • WE ARE CASH ONLY FOR EVERYTHING ELSE HERE: Tickets purchased at the door, drinks, concessions, parking and merch. We do have an ATM here if you need it.
  • Once you purchase a ticket there are NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES, and NO TRANSFER of tickets.
  • NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED LATE TO ANY SHOW **Please have yourself and your entire party very aware of the start time for every show; when folks arrive late and are turned away it is embarrassing.
  • ANY PERSONS NOT CHECKED IN OR ARRIVED BY 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE STATED START TIME OF ANY SHOW ARE SUBJECT TO THE FORFEITURE OF THEIR TICKETS. This means you will NOT be let in late. We all know what we live in traffic-crazy L.A., so please allow yourself time to get here on time. Heck, come early and grab good seats, then bound off for a bite in the neighborhood!
  • No electronics, phones or cameras of any kind are welcome in the theatre during a show, and please observe quiet and respect for all of our artists at all times. Failure to adhere to these policies will be cause for removal from the theatre.

Largo at the Coronet
366 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

We are north of Beverly Blvd one block at Oakwood St.


Secure, attended parking is available next door at the Baker Building, 360 N La Cienega Blvd, for a cash fee. This garage is open until 20 minutes after the end of our shows. There is also street parking and valet options in the neighborhood.

Checking In/Seat Assignments

Picking up your seats on the night of the show works the same way whether you have purchased ahead of time online, over the phone, or are buying them with cash at the door. Simply check in at Will Call using the name of the ticket purchaser. Please bring your ID. Will Call is located right at Largo’s front gate, and everyone attending the show will pass through it. For most shows we will assign you a seat as you check in (some shows are general admission and you will pick your owns seats). Seats are assigned first-come-first-served style from the front of the theatre to the back, as you arrive. If you want to sit closer, show up earlier!

Sitting With Friends

We are happy to seat you with other parties, friends and family that have purchased tickets separately ahead of time. As the first party arrives, please indicate to the doorperson that you will be joining others. Please have the names of the other parties ready, and we will assign seats for the group. Then, you can just have your party check in as they arrive. The other party members will still need to arrive by 15 prior to show time to enter the theatre. (Note: The first party that arrives will be given all of the seating assignments for the others as well; those will not be left at the gate. If parties are very large, they may be broken up into different rows, at our discretion.)

Will Call Hours

Will Call opens at 6pm most evenings. Please check the ticket page for confirmation.


No outside food or beverages are allowed inside past the gate please. Once you have your seat assignment you can come and go as you wish until show time. The Little Room here at Largo serves Guinness from the tap as well as bottled beer and wine beginning 90 minutes before show time. There are also delicious food and drink options in our neighborhood. For a cocktail try The Roger Room next door. For the good eats check between Melrose and 3rd Street. All of these places are within one block of us, delicious, inexpensive and relatively quick. Tel ‘em Largo sent you!


As a show of great respect for the artists that choose to perform for you here at Largo, we are crazy about creating that perfect, focused, safe place for them to express themselves and to give themselves to one room of real people, and to your eyes and ears and memories only. We have been known around the world for over 15 years as a place where unlikely moments happen spontaneously, where great artists will ‘drop in’ to show you something you did not expect, and where collaborations of the most amazing kind might leave you dazzled. Please leave all electronics/cameras/phones/recorders at home or in the car/ We do not welcome texting upon, talking to, looking at, or listening to any device in the theatre during a show. Please no talking, no cameras of any kind and please no recording of any kind. Electronics/devices may be seized, and users will be asked to leave the show.